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Every floor is different! Get a quick online quote and we'll quote you a price and tell you how long it would take to sand, strip, stain, varnish and polish your wood floor.

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We need to know the size of your room and the type of wood flooring that you have. Get a quick online quote and we'll quote you a price and tell you how long we think it would take to finish.

Before stripping and sanding, we may need to repair parts of your wood floor. We may need to replace bits of wood or stick bits back if you have any of the following flooring types:

  • floorboards
  • block wood
  • stripwood

Once we're ready to go, we'll use our professional sanding machines to take off the top layer of wood, giving you a brand new surface. We'll sand and buff the surface until you have a brilliant new floor.

"My wood flooring looks a mess. I think it may be too bad to repair."

We know what you're thinking. But most floors are bad. Most have been battered and neglected and covered for years. Sanding a wood floor strips away the top layer of the wood and reveals a clean, new surface beneath. Yes, it will come up good!

Filling gaps in wood flooring is a great way to reduce draughts. If you have a cellar or lots of air bricks at ground level there will be a constant stream of air passing under the house. Filling the gaps will stop cold air coming into the room.

However, wood flooring with gaps can be attractive. And if you don't live on a ground floor then cold air will not be a problem. It's your choice.

Old pine floorboards have a nice glow to them. Sometimes they are a reddish brown, sometimes a rich warm brown to a yellow brown. But you can't tell until you start sanding. The colour depends on lots of factors. Block wood or strip wood floors are usually oak, beech, ash, maple or dark hardwoods mixed and laid in herringbone patterns or, in the case of strip wood flooring, in lengths.

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Our customer gallery shows some examples.

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